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Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic - 5 eBooks

Series Description:

In the blink of an eye, the world as we know it has changed. Friends and loved ones have died lonely, painful deaths. Once-robust economies have disintegrated, costing millions their jobs. Schools, forced to close their doors, have resorted to distance learning. Social interaction has been replaced with social distancing. The new series Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic examines the origins of the virus that causes the disease; how different countries responded; how the virus spreads, sickens, and kills; the challenges of the new normal; the race to develop vaccines; and the inspiring stories of ordinary people performing extraordinary acts in a time of crisis. Solid facts, personal accounts, comments from knowledgeable sources, and thoughtful narrative add context and depth to these volumes.

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Series Specifications:

• interest level: grades 6–12 • 64 pages • Multi-user • 24/7 access • Works on any device with Internet access • full-color photos • sidebars • margin quotes • chronology • for further research section • organizations and websites • source notes • index

Item Number: s118e
S&L Price: $229.75